Frequently Asked Questions


How soon should I place my order? 

As soon as you are certain of your date! To ensure quality, cake bookings are limited and can fill up months in advance. Please call or email us to inquire about availability.

How much do you charge for cakes?

Because every cake is different, it is impossible to give an exact price without knowing all the details. This is greatly variable based on the design and size of the cake, the amount of decorations needed, and the types of fillings and icings. Naturally a large, intricately designed cake is going to cost more than a small, simple cake.

How big of a cake should I order?

You should order enough cake that every guest who wants a slice may have one. A good rule of thumb for weddings is that you will need cake for approximately 75% of the number of guests you invite. For example, if you invite 150 guests, you can expect approximately 112 guests at the reception.

I only need a small cake. Do you have a minimum order?

The smallest cake I can make is 6 inches, in various shapes. (round, square, heart, hexagon, or oval) Non-wedding celebration cakes (sheet cakes) are available in various sizes as well.

Do I have to pick a cake from your portfolio/gallery?

Absolutely NOT! The gallery is there to display my past work. I will custom design your cake just for you! Of course, if you see a cake in my gallery that you would like and want it duplicated, I can do that, too!

Can you match my colors/dress/invitations/napkins/etc.?

Yes! Just provide swatches/photos/samples for me to get a truly accurate representation. I will make every possible effort to translate your dream cake into a reality. I am confident that I can present a product that you will be absolutely delighted with – but, please remember that printer inks and fashion colors don’t always translate exactly to sugar form, and precise matches are sometimes impossible. 

How do I schedule a consultation?

Consultations are available Tuesday through Thursday 11:00 to 6:30 for wedding cakes only. You may make an appointment by phone or email.

Is there a fee for a consultation?


What can I expect from the consultation and what do I need to bring with me?

I am committed to giving you the best one on one service available. We will discuss a wide variety of things. The venue, your gown, your style, decorations, flowers, colors, all so I can incorporate your personality into your dream cake! We will discuss cake flavors, icings, and what you want incorporated into your cake design. Feel free to bring samples/swatches or photos. Any information you have for the reception site, name-address-phone number-contact person, should be available. And, you’ll get a free sampling of the cake and icing of your choice!

How soon following the consultation should I reserve my date and place my order?

It is not necessary for you to commit at the consultation. I encourage you to “shop around”. However, please keep in mind that availability is limited and dates go quickly. The sooner you can commit the better.

What do I need to reserve my date?

A non-refundable deposit of $50.00 is required to lock in your date. This amount will be applied to the total cost of your wedding cake.

When is payment due?

Full payment is due 1 month prior to your reserved date if paying by check. If paying in cash, payment is due 3 weeks prior to your reserved date. I will not purchase items needed to finalize your cake if payment has not been made. If payment is not received 3 weeks prior to your reserved date, your deposit will not be refunded and your order may be cancelled. Credit card payments may be made using PayPal’s secure server. All payments through PayPal will incur a 4% surcharge. Please add this surcharge to your total. Your order will not be considered paid unless this surcharge is paid.

What is your cancellation policy?

All deposits are non-refundable if the cancellation is within 2 months of your reserved date. Any monies paid beyond the initial deposit will be refunded providing no work has been started on your cake. If a portion or all of the work has been completed, partial refunds will be determined on a case by case basis.

Can I make changes to my order?

Yes, changes are accepted up to 7 days prior to the event for non-wedding cake orders. All details must be finalized 2 weeks prior to your date for wedding cakes. Keep in mind that changes may increase the cost of your cake.

What information do I need to place a non-wedding cake order?

The date and time for delivery/pickup. The location and directions (for delivery orders only). The type of event (anniversary, birthday, baptism, baby shower, etc.). The number of servings needed. The cake flavor(s), icing (s) and filling (s). How it is to be decorated.

Do you charge a delivery fee?

Delivery charge is based upon your location.

Do you ship cakes?

No, cakes are extremely fragile and perishable. As a result, I do not ship.